Search Tips

You can do searches based on:
Defendant's name (in English and Chinese)
Plaintiff's name (in English and Chinese)
Case number and Year of action

For name searches in English, please enter the EXACT NAME or the FIRST TWO words (minimum) of the name and refer to the following SAMPLES. Abbreviations won't work.

For name searches with ONLY ONE WORD in English, Please enter the EXACT NAME.

For name searches in Chinese, please enter the EXACT name in "Traditional Chinese" characters. Entering only the first two words of the name won't work.

Search Tips
Examples : a) Name : Top-Fashion Co. Ltd.
    Input : Top Fashion Company Limited
b) Name : The English School of Foundation
  Input : English School of Foundation
c) Name : A B C Ltd
  Input : ABC Limited
d) Name : A. B. C. Ltd
  Input : ABC Limited
e) Name : The representative of the Estate of Wan Chai Yan
  Input : Wan Chai Yan
f) Name : D & S Co.
  Input : D and S Company
g) Name : ( H.K.) / Hongkong
  Input : (Hong Kong) / Hong Kong
h) Name : (FE)
  Input : (Far East)
i) Name : X-Ray
  Input : X Ray
j) Name : Inc
  Input : Incorporation
k) Name : Apple Wong Chan Mei Ching
  Input : Wong Chan Mei Ching Apple
l) Name : The Watsen's
  Input : Watsen's
m) Name : Ming Ming China/Hong Kong Limited
  Input : Ming Ming China Hong Kong Limited
n) Name : D + B Limited
  Input : D Plus B Limited
o) Name : Red Limited
  Input : Red Apple com Limited
p) Name : Amaz
  Input : Amaz
q) Name : Au-Yang Tai Man David / See To Chi Keung (Two-character
  Chinese surname Ʃm)
  Input : Auyang Tai Man David / Seeto Chi Keung
r) Name : Au-Yeung Man / Szeto Keung Peter (Two-character
  Chinese surname Ʃm)
  Input : Au Yeung Man / Sze To Keung Peter
s) Name : Chan T M David
  Input : Chan David TM
t) Name : HK123 Trading Co. Ltd. / CHK Development Ltd.
  Input : HK123 Trading Company Limited / CHK Development