Search Services

If you would like us to help you delve into details of a piece of property (Land Search) or a company (Company Search), please fill out your requests on the forms provided on our website and submit it to us.

Land Search: This will yield details of the property's ownership particulars - both historical and current -- as well as any encumbrances filed against that property in Hong Kong. What we can supply you with includes: Legal Charge, Release, Agreement for Sale and Purchase, Court Order, etc. pertaining to the property.

We will require 1 to 2 hours to do a search, the report of which you receive by fax.

Company Search: For Limited companies registered in Hong Kong, our report will include the updated information on registered office address, share capital, names of current directors, company secretary. Please supply us with either the Certificate of Incorporation (CI) or the exact name of the limited company you want to us to do the search on.

For other types of companies, we can get you certified extracts of relevant information from the business register of the Business Registration Office, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. Please supply us with either a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) or the exact name of the company you would like us to do a search on.

We need 1 to 2 hours to do a limited company search, and 1 working day for other companies (BRC). We will give you a report by fax.

Samples are attached for your reference.
i) Land Search
ii) Company Search (for Limited)
iii) Company Search (for Unlimited - BRC)