Case one:

Mr. Wong is the owner of a small and medium size furniture manufacturing shop had experienced of a client running away with the goods without fulfilling the payment. Mr. Wong failed to trace him and had to write off the bad debt causing a lot of damage to his company. He joined as a member of and did a search on the debtor and there were records showing that the debtor had been sued for several times on various occasions. He exclaimed that he would not provide any credit to that debtor should he have known of such services before. The information provided would help him to consider whether he would provide credit facility to his potential clients or not. Particularly, it would be useful for conducting credit reference check on new clients and his employees.

Case two:

Ms Chow, Manager of a Finance Company said that the could provide her company with instant reference information to verify the credit background of their applicants for lending facilities. Although it is very common that there are records of the same names of the applicant; however, with such reference, it would enable the company to conduct an interrogation on the applicants by confronting them with the case. Most of the time, the applicants would admit that they had not provided the full details of their debt and credit situation to the company. By doing so, the service has offered a very significant help to the company in deciding whether to offer a loan facility to the applicant or not.

Case three:

Mr. Lee, a businessman, joined the as a public member. He has an apartment for rent. He was approached by a potential tenant for renting his apartment. Mr. Lee then conducted a search on him and discovered that there was a record in the system indicating that he had been sued for not paying rent on several occasions by his previous landlords. Mr. Lee therefore decided not to take the risk in renting his flat to him saving the trouble of recovering the flat in future.