About Us


We are a group of finance professionals who have pooled our wide range of individual expertise and experiences to offer an Internet-based service we consider key in today's commercial environment: Access to an invaluable data bank of credit information on both corporations and individuals in business.

Established in Hong Kong, ECREDIT MANAGEMENT LIMITED ("eCML") adopts the latest technology on our website, http://www.creditcheck.com.hk, to provide a scalable service that is tailored to the specific requirements of each individual member. This means YOU decide which strata of our comprehensive data bank you would like to tap, and your requirements then determine your level of membership.

Additionally, our team of experts is at your service if you would like professional advice and financial services to help you make better commercial decisions. We also offer expertise and tools to assist you with report analysis, business case studies and evaluation, and risk factor analysis, market trend determination and forecast and other commercial requirements.